My little family and I started using Young Living essential oils earlier this year after seven months of sleepless nights with sweet little Leighton Elizabeth, our baby girl.  I had seen various friends posting about essential oils on Facebook and the different ways they were using them.  After several months of research, I decided to order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  I really liked and appreciated their Seed to Seal guarantee and I especially like the support and education my friends who already used Young Living shared with me.  This was important to me because I was totally clueless about (and overwhelmed by) all things related to essential oils, so I not only wanted a company I could trust, I wanted guidance along this new journey.  In just five short months, I have completely fallen in love with Young Living essential oils and even more than the oils themselves, I LOVE sharing them and our experiences with others.  I’ve always loved teaching and mentoring others, so helping them as they start their journey with essential oils comes naturally and is something I’ve sincerely enjoyed doing since we started using Young Living essential oils.

I started this blog after we moved to Florida as a way to journal our travels and what we were up to for our family back in Texas and our friends across the country.  Naturally, my good intentions were taken over with beach days and lots of other projects, including starting my sweet little wedding and event rental + design business, so it ended up just being a place that I copied recipes that I wanted to save… until now!  I finally have a reason to get back on here to write, which I truly miss doing.  I’ll share information about the oils, how to use them and different things they can be used for.  I’ve started building a GREAT team of girls that wanted to share their experiences with the oils with oils as well, so from time to time, they will pop in and post alongside me.  We will share information on classes and events that we are holding and participating in.  We’re fairly new at this too, so we’re learning right along with you.  If there is anything you want us to post about, please let us know!  We are all ears!

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting lots more about Young Living essential oils around this site, but for now, if you have questions, please feel free to email me at haley {dot} angela {at} gmail {com}.

If you are ready to order some single oils, I’m happy to add those to my next order and pass along my 24% wholesale discount to you, or if you are ready to go all in and order a Premium Starter Kit, click here!



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